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The Sudbury Program helps the people of Sudbury and their public and nonprofit institutions enhance the quality of community life.

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Children, Youth & Families
The CY&F Capacity Building Program strengthens youth-serving agencies in our catchment area, with a focus on underserved youth who face economic or personal barriers to success.

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The Environment
Our new grant environmental program, “The Farm and Local Food Initiative,” is being piloted in 2016. The program will help build the health, sustainability and resilience of small-to-mid-sized farms in Massachusetts.

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Atkinson Scholarship
The Atkinson Scholarship Program recognizes local high school seniors with financial need, academic promise and the capacity to make a meaningful contribution to society.



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Poverty Beyond City Limits
MetroWest Funders: Join us for a presentation and discussion on suburban poverty. 1/11/17. Noon – 2 pm.

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Scholarship Application
Atkinson Scholarship applications are due February 1, 2017.  The form is now available to download.

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Staff Development
An investment in staff is a worthwhile one. Are you supporting your employees?

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Brainstorming About Kids
A sample of what we’ve been thinking and reading about in support of at-risk kids.

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