About the Sudbury Foundation

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Investing in People, Place and Possibility

The Sudbury Foundation was established in 1952 by Herbert and Esther Atkinson as a vehicle for their personal philanthropy. They were modest people who believed in private giving for the public good and in giving back to the community they called home.

Long-time residents of Sudbury, MA (they lived in the former Babe Ruth house on Dutton Road), the couple operated the Sudbury Laboratory, a successful small business specializing in soil testing kits. As the Laboratory prospered, the Atkinsons shared their good fortune with others, both directly and through the Foundation they created. The couple had no children.When they died, they left their entire estate to the Foundation to carry on their charitable work.

Today, the Foundation awards grants and scholarships in excess of $1.2 million annually. Our grant funding is designed to strengthen our nonprofit partners who are working to solve some of our most pressing social issues. Our college scholarship and opportunity grant program encourages local teens to uncover their passion both in and out of school.

We also manage the historic Grange Hall in Sudbury Town Center, offering the second floor conference room as a community meeting space for Sudbury town committees and local nonprofits.

Looking back, the Atkinsons might be surprised at the growth of the Foundation they created more than 65 years ago with an initial $20,000 contribution; they would surely be delighted by the scope of philanthropic activity their Foundation now supports. Read more…

Miner A. Crary
Susan Iuliano
Stephen M. Richmond
Jill M. Stansky, chair
Bank of America N.A., represented by Dian P. Quinn

Trustee Emeritus
Richard H. Davison

Marilyn Martino, Executive Director
Tricia Brunner, Operations Manager

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