More than 300 students have participated in the Atkinson Program since it began in 1996. Each year, the Trustees and Staff have the pleasure of meeting with the students and their families at a breakfast reception just before high school graduation where we snap a “class picture” for our photo album. Recent photos are posted below.

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Class of 2017










Pictures left to right: Joe Gilberto, Olivia Silva, Emma Silva, Mahek Ramani, Sammi Chen, Melody Phu, Neandre Fernandes, Rebecca Cohen, Jack Parker, Deven Pathak, Meredith Ackley, Brenna Sherrer, Megan Chunias and Stephen Kurtz.

Class of 2016
ASP 2016 Students1

















Pictured, front row from left: Annette Lee, Mariah Prosansky, Becca Gorman, Rachael Grosso, Emily Gorman, Will Sheldon, Kate Weiler

Back row front left: Sarena Ho, Julie Hutchinson, Jessica Thai, Rojanaye Daley, Scott Brauer, Matt Flanagan, Caroline Thomas, and Whit Findlay.

Class of 2015

ASP 2015










Pictured, front row from left: Willow Beccia, Sydney Miller, Nicole Wilkinson, Carly Eiduson, Vikram Gopal.

Middle row from left: Andrew Carlson, Eric Qin, Rick Gangopadhyay, Nathan Pan-Doh, Celia Feldberg and Matthew Bowler.

Back row from left: Scott Henderson, Kevin Henderson, Iyla Driggs, Kimberly Yang, and Haley Colpitts.

Photo courtesy of  Photo by Paige.

Class of 2014
Atkinson Scholarship Recipients 2014pg - cropped





















Congratulations to the 2014 Atkinson Scholarship recipients!

Front row from left: Joe Leonelli, Ana Silva, Sydney Generoso, Suzi Weisberg, Anthony Foscolos, Patricia Cordischi, Emily Liang, Isaac Feldberg, and Liam Carbutt.

Back row from left: Rose Rust, Molly Bankuti, Kevin Gorman, Ryan Young, Nate Johnson, and Jonathan Carbutt.

Photo courtesy of  Photo by Paige.

Class of 2013



















Seated from left:  Krystal Kallarackal, Anelise Ramsay, Tori Sanderson, Matt Goff, Jackie Sanderson, Erina Taradai and Cecilia Thai

Standing from left: Cassie Chislom, Neil Wei, Alexandra Ramsey, Cam Waggener, Matt Shelley, Kate Barker, Andrew Jacobs and Alisha Weinstein

Photo courtesy of  Photo by Paige.


Class of 2012
ASP 2012 







Seated from left: Maddie Herel, Lauren Chunias, Celia Greenlaw, Devon McCann, Megan Griffin. Standing from left: Nathan Galloway, Yarik Loban, Fergal Seiferth, Eric Reale, Connor Young, Olivia Bankuti, Haley Neil, Kathryn Thomas and Robyn Ralli.

Photo courtesy of  Photo by Paige.



Class of 2011

2011 Atkinson Scholars








Seated from left: Cesar Perez, Brian Pollock, Ryan Shelley, Lauren Jacobs, Rachel Lam. Standing from left: Lawrence Stevenson, Amanda Hutchinson, Jason Porter, Ryan McAvoy, Kelsey Colpitts, Gillian Gordon, Katelyn Wright, Jamie Charest, Victoria Vanaria. Not pictured: Daniel Sigalovsky.

Photo courtesy of  Photo by Paige.

Class of 2010

Atkinson Scholarship recipients 2010

Seated from left: William Sawyer, Paulina Rodis, Regan Stubbs, Maura McGrath
Standing from left: Jonathan Weinstein, Matthew Johnson, Graham Boyd, Cecilia Igwe-Kalu, Kourtney Lewis-Allen, Seda Babroudi, Taylor Charest, Savannah Tenney, Olivia Gutowski, Kelly Sherrer. (Not pictured: Faye Miller)

Class of 2009

Atkinson Scholarship recipients 2009

From left: Mak Hussain, Stephanie Lee, Radelys German, Vicky Lee, Fi Seiferth, Masha Stine, Qjaquice Brantley, Megan Braun, Adam Raphael, Rusulenni Castro, Matt Thompson, Lindsay Hutchinson, Abraham Parangi, Dani McAvoy and James Ivker