Sudbury Program Application – Sudbury Nonprofits

Application Instructions:
Download the Sudbury Nonprofit Grant Application, a writable pdf consisting of an application cover page and outline.

I. Cover Page
Complete, sign and date the cover page.

II. Outline for Narrative
Please answer each question clearly and concisely in the order listed here in a MS Word document. If a question is not applicable to your project, please indicate that. Most proposals can be presented well in 3-5 pages.

A. Background
Briefly describe:

  1. Your organization’s mission and history, including goals and key achievements, date of incorporation, population and geography served
  2. Your organization’s structure including board, staff and volunteer involvement
  3. Principal sources of support and income (i.e., client fees, membership dues, grants, special events, endowment income, in-kind support, etc.)


B. Project Description
Briefly describe:

  1. The issue(s) you hope to address through the proposed project and how the project came about (a brief history and context)
  2. Who will be served (i.e., groups, age, number, socioeconomic characteristics) if different than described under “Background” above
  3. A time-line for the project, the activities involved and evidence that your organization can complete them
  4. How the project fits with your organizational goals and the themes and priorities of the Sudbury Foundation: (youth development and opportunity, community building, preservation of community character and assets and/or organizational capacity and effectiveness)
  5. Anticipated outcomes and measures of success
  6. How the activity will be sustained after grant funding has ended

III. Attachments

  • Project budget:
    • Please summarize all revenue and in-kind support for the project and itemize all expenses
    • Under Revenue, please include a list of other foundations and companies being approached to fund this project with dollar amounts indicating which sources are committed, pending or anticipated
  • Current operating budget including previous year actuals
  • Most recent independent audit
  • IRS letter confirming tax exempt status – 501c(3)
  • Current board list with relevant backgrounds and affiliations
  • Relevant support or promotional material (optional)

Please check that your application packet is complete. No staples, please.

Return the signed application cover page, the required attachments and any additional supporting materials you wish to include to: The Sudbury Foundation, 326 Concord Road, Sudbury, MA 01776 or you may email the materials to

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Updated 7/16/15