The Sudbury Program Guidelines

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Investing in quality of life issues in Sudbury, MA

The Sudbury Program is designed to enhance the quality of community life in Sudbury.


The Foundation makes grants to Sudbury-based nonprofit organizations, the Town of Sudbury (and, through the Town, its boards, commissions and departments), the Sudbury Public Schools and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. The Foundation will also consider the applications of public and nonprofit organizations located outside of Sudbury for projects that substantially benefit Sudbury residents.

Funding Categories

Youth Development and Opportunity
Objective: To help young people realize their full potential and become caring, concerned citizens

  • Build leadership skills and provide leadership opportunities
  • Encourage youth to get involved and to give back to the community (local, regional, national, world)
  • Enhance academic enrichment, cultural and recreational programs and opportunities
  • Support and strengthen activities that promote healthy behaviors

Preservation of Community Character and Assets
Objective: To preserve the Town’s natural, historic and other community assets

  • Historic Preservation:
  • Preserve the Town’s historic resources and landmarks, celebrate its storied history and enhance its natural character and charm
  • Environmental Preservation:
  • Protect, restore and care for the Town’s air, land, water and habitats

Community Building/Town Betterment
Objective: To strengthen community resources and engender a greater sense of community

  • Encourage participation in community events and civic affairs
  • Create a climate of acceptance and tolerance in which diversity is embraced and respect is demonstrated to all people
  • Nurture local philanthropy and volunteerism
  • Support Town betterment projects, as appropriate

At-Risk Populations
Objective: To support vulnerable citizens

  • Strengthen assistance to at-risk populations including seniors, low-income residents, and those facing physical, emotional health and other challenges.

Other Criteria

The Trustees view collaboration among agencies with similar missions favorably and consider an applicant’s ability to secure alternate project financing. We welcome the opportunity to join with other funders in underwriting grant endeavors. Multi-year grant requests are accepted.

Funding Restrictions

The Foundation does not make loans or grants to individuals. While we do not rule out requests for any particular type of assistance, we generally do not provide ongoing operating support, offset deficits, contribute to general appeals, purchase benefit tickets, fund efforts understood to be the responsibility of government or support religious activities.

Proposal Review Schedule

The Foundation Trustees meet four times a year to review proposals for the Sudbury Program.

Proposal Postmarked: Trustee Review:
January 1 March
April 1 June
July 1 September
October 1 December






If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, proposals should be postmarked on the first working day following the deadline. We will attempt to entertain urgent requests between meetings. Please contact the executive director if an emergency or exceptional opportunity arises.

Applying for a Sudbury Program Grant

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their needs with Foundation staff prior to submitting a full proposal. Telephone inquiries and concept papers are welcome. Please click the appropriate link below.

Click here to download the Sudbury Nonprofit Grant Application.

Click here to download the Town of Sudbury Grant Application.

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and Sudbury Public School applicants – Please call the executive director at 978-443-0849 for application details.


2016 Sudbury Nonprofit Directory
We recently created a directory of Sudbury nonprofit organizations and community groups. Click the link above to download the Excel spreadsheet. To add your organization or update your information, please email

Click here to read about recent grants.