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Investing in programs that enhance lives and strengthen communities

The Sudbury Foundation operates three grantmaking programs.

The Sudbury Program
The Sudbury Program is designed to help the people of Sudbury and their public and nonprofit institutions enhance the quality of community life. The program is open to Sudbury’s public and nonprofit institutions, and to organizations located outside of Sudbury for projects of direct and substantial benefit to Sudbury residents. Learn more…

The Children, Youth & Families Program
Established in 2012, the program is designed to help young people in the Foundation’s catchment area (the 10 towns surrounding Sudbury) realize their full potential and become caring, productive citizens. The focus is on underserved youth who face economic and/or personal barriers to success.  Learn more…

The Environmental Program
The Environmental Program supports organizations working to balance natural resource protection with community economic sustainability.  The focus is on sustainable agriculture and the local food system in Massachusetts. Learn more…